SAP System Check-Up Made Easy (SEMPLICE)

How much important is the health of your SAP?

To identifying at a glance the SAP objects that require rapid intervention is an increasingly urgent need.

Are you planning a release upgrade or moving to S/4HANA? Then you need to know that the risk of carrying with you worthless and no-value data is very real.

Especially without a preventive scan and analysis of the information stored in the database.

Not all data of your system has equal value!

Excessive statistics (logs, spools, and PSA and Changelog, etc..) often 'burden' your SAP system.The implementation of archiving strategies for key objects is often ignored. And this causes the data volume to explode. But there’s a way to save time and storage costs. Find out how.


Inquaero® SEMPLICE: the instant analysis of your SAP ERP or BW

You can try the basic version at the following link: (user demo @ inquaero password inquaero).

The basic version is free-of-charge. For more information you can refer to the following post: SAP System Check-up for busy IT people: Download and Upload to Inquaero SEMPLICE.

The strength of the 'basic' analysis lies in giving a clear and immediate graphical distribution of the most relevant DB objects.

It ‘s sufficient to simply download from the SAP DB02 transaction the complete list of the main tables, with relative size (expressed in KB or MB) and the subsequent upload into the application.

We reccomend to download the first 1,000 tables for a clearer graphical representation, but nothing prevents you from uploading a different number of objects.

Comparative table BASIC version vs. PREMIUM

Top SAP table size analysis
Data distribution per modules / application
Snapshots comparisons and growth rate over a time interval
Hints from SAP Data Volume Guide
Ad-hoc Statistics
Unlimited snapshots
Data distribution per Organizational Unit (Company Code)
Data Aging and Archiving analysis, plus disk space saving potential
SAP Fiori on-premise application
Required connection to SAP system

Bubble graphical analysis of the SAP database


Cleaning the SAP ERP and BW systems (SAP Archiving and Housekeeping).

The implementation of Archiving and Data Cleansing (Housekeeping) strategies has undeniable advantages, such as:

  • Compression of reading and writing times on SAP tables
  • Cost cuttting for database and system administration tasks
  • Faster Backup and Restore procedures
  • More frequent refhreshes of test systems
  • Storage costs reduction (both for on-premise and cloud installations)
  • Faster and more efficient release upgrades to S/4HANA or B/4HANA

The Inquaero® SEMPLICE analysis is the first step for the health of your SAP system.

SEMPLICE Premium: TAANA extension for Time Series Data Distribution