SAP S/4HANA: The Definitive ERP Solution

If you care about your ERP System, you need to put seriously SAP S/4HANA under your radar.


Well, SAP has publicly announced they will discontinue support for traditional SAP Business Suite by 2027.

After that deadline, SAP will only support SAP S/4HANA. Organizations willing to thrive in the digital transformation era must have a look at this.

Let’s plan the move to S/4HANA, together.

SAP S/4HANA is the 4th generation of SAP ERP…

…designed and embedded in the in-memory SAP HANA platform, with a real-time data analysis capabilities.

The new Business Suite can manage the growing complexity of the business processes, thanks to the adoption of a simplified data model, and it offers a re-newed User eXperience by means of the SAP Fiori interface (accessible also by tablets and smartphones).

Available “On premise” or in”Cloud”, SAP S/4HANA enables you to keep business processes and working methods always aligned, in an even more natural and flexible way.

In an increasingly digitalized and interconnected world, SAP S/4HANA allows your company to integrate data from every source, connecting people, networks, Big Data, Internet of Things and all that the modern technology makes available.


Our experience in data migration projects helps SAP customers plan the transition to S/4HANA carefully and accurately.

And – above all – starting off on the right foot. A tailor-made preparation, together with non-conventional migration methodologies, will be the key to your success.

Face the journey with us.

M. A. Pinton

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing

– Walt Disney –

Pave the way towards the Intelligent ERP

Starting on the right foot to design a state-of-the-art transition is taking the first step towards the success of the project.

Here the steps to reach the goal:


The move to SAP S/4HANA: the 3 approaches



From scratch implementation of SAP S/4HANA, also known as Greenfield migration.

It corresponds to a data extraction from Legacy systems towards an empty SAP system, ready to accept the incoming data flow, in line with the new S/4HANA data model.

Allows complete re-engineering and simplification of existing processes, thus enabling organizations to pre-define migration objects according to best practices, shortening time-to-value and facilitating rapid solution adoption.

Typical use cases:

  • Implementations for new SAP customers
  • SAP ECC customers opting for a new S / 4HANA implementation


  • New implementation
  • No prior upgrade and / or Unicode conversion required


  • Renounce the resumption of historical data


The conversion of the ECC system - also known as the “Brownfield” approach - allows the migration to S / 4HANA without re-implementation and without interrupting existing business processes.

The ECC system submitted to conversion must be suitably prepared to comply with all the minimum requirements for the launch of the conversion.

You will need to plan the following preliminary activities:

  • data storage and housekeeping
  • execution of the SAP S / 4HANA Readiness Check
  • Implementation of the ABAP Test Cockpit for custom code adaptation

Typical use cases:

  • Complete conversion of the database of a SAP Business Suite ECC to S / 4HANA


  • historical data are kept


  • Long Downtime for system conversion excution

SDT (Selective Data Transition)

Data migration accelerated by SLO (System Landscape Optimization) technology.

The LT approach stands as a sui generis next level of data migration and consolidation in the new S / 4HANA data model.

Like in the System Conversion scenario, the LT methodology allows the recovery of historical data, with the additional chance of applying filter rules (temporal or by organizational structures) and conversion rules on the data, directly in the selection phase from the source system.

By LT approach, it is also conceivable to consolidate 2 or more source ECC systems into a single S / 4HANA instance, upon verification and resolution of any conflicts in customizing and in the number ranges.

Typical use cases:

  • Selective migration of data from ECC to S / 4HANA (ex: transport in S / 4 of a specific company code)


  • Selective migration and data volume reduction
  • Fast data transfer at the Databese level


  • High effort in validation
  • Costs proportional to level of complexity

Our SAP S/4HANA services

Inquaero offers innovative consulting services and support, thanks to more than 10 years experience collected in Business Transformation and SAP System Consolidation projects in Italy and abroad.

Our offer (specific for SAP S/4HANA) includes:

  • AS-IS Analysis of SAP ECC system.
  • Recommendations for Archiving / Housekeeping of low-value data (obsolete, statistical, etc.).
  • Setup and execution run of SAP S/4HANA Readiness Check and Gap Analysis.
  • Configuration and execution run of SAP ABAP Test Cockpit (for custom code review)
  • S/4HANA roadmap and recommended transition approach.
  • S/4HANA migration by Inquaero™ VELOCE SDT (S/4HANA Selective Data Transition)